Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Cameo is the slightly more rambunctious sister of Redwood Hill's famous soft-ripened Camellia. Larger in size and adorned with fresh peppercorns and local herbs, Cameo makes its presence known on a cheese plate. Rich, with whispers of the classic pungency goat's milk is so well-known for; the paste is incredibly luxurious and melts lovingly on your tongue. The fresh peppercorns add a bright floral note which is a delightful contrast to the darker flavor profile it accompanies.

A ripe Cameo will give when probed in the center, like a ripe avocado. The bloomy rind should be white, not rusty or brown, which means the cheese is probably heading south. But if you like more pronounced flavor, don't refuse a wheel with a little browning on the edges. Cameo pairs well with sparkling wine and with a moderately intense Pinot Noir.

Cameo, like Camellia, is a farmstead cheese, made with milk from Redwood Hill's 300 goats. These lucky goats reside at the country's first certified-humane goat dairy. 

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