Sunday, November 6, 2011


Reminiscent of the open air markets in France, where petite, delicately ripened, Crottins de Chavignol are on display, this French-style ripened goats’ cheese is named Bijou. Bijou is French for jewel and this new cheese epitomizes all that is special about goats and goats’ milk, and the making and caring for a small cheese.

Made from pasteurized milk. After 24 hours of coagulation the fragile curd is transfered into cheese cloth to drain overnight, formed and dried in the sechoir. Transferred into the aging room where the natural geotrichum rind will grow in a controlled environment. While still fresh with a delicate rind, the cheeses are wrapped in their individual micro-cave packaging.

As it ages the interior becomes soft and the flavor more robust. Simply cut Bijou in half and place rind side up on a baguette. Toast under the broiler for five minutes and serve with a salad. Bijou has a very smooth and creamy texture; a sweet and mild rind and the taste of fresh flowers, citrus, hazelnuts and yeast.

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