Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hollandse Aged Gouda

Vintage 3-year

Aged for 3 years, Vintage has a rich, subtle sweetness and crumbly texture found only in the very best aged cheeses. Its color is deep amber and burnt orange and the flavor is an amazing combination of sweet butterscotch with a hint of saltiness. Very firm and flaky, with a crunchy crystalline structure similar to that of a Parmigiano-Reggiano, this cheese provides a variety of tastes and texture with every bite!

Vintage 5-year

This rare Gouda is a miracle of flavor and texture. Its rich flavor and subtle sweetness is bold and intense. The extended aging allows the proteins in the milk to evolve a crunchy white crystalline structure. The result is an explosive crystal crackle that eases into a creamy combination of sweet butterscotch that coats your mouth like toffee.

Naturally matured on wooden shelves day by day, month by month, for 5 years, this is a special cheese. Like a good wine, the strong and powerful taste can only be developed with time. The color is deep amber to burnt orange. It is an excellent substitute for grating cheeses and will caramelize beautifully.

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