Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hollandse Gouda

Dutch Gouda's are cow's milk cheeses produced in the Netherlands. Supple and smooth when young, they become firm with a curious crystal structure as they age. The interior, or paste, becomes deeply colored, turning to amber, or golden copper. The flavor grows more complex, intense, and best described as a salty butterscotch or caramel candy, with a lush, lingering creamy mouth feel.

Parrano Aged for 5 months. Developing its sweet nutty flavor while maintaining a firm and smooth texture and rich, golden hue, this young Gouda has an Italian temperament. Marketed as an Italian-style cheese, Parrano combines the flavour of aged Parmesan with a pliant texture.

Pairs well with bold red wines such as Chianti, Pinot Noir or Red Zinfandels. Or, try a light and fruity wheat beer or crisp, golden pilsners.

Classic 12 Month has a warm orange hue and smooth, firm, chewy texture and tangy flavor that make it perfect for snacks or salads.

Reserve 18 Month is naturally-aged for at least 18 months under ideal temperature and humidity conditions to bring out its uniquely smooth and spicy flavor profile. An excellent grating cheese, that pairs well with hearty breads and beers.

All the Gouda's listed here are produced by UnieKaas, the largest independent cheese business in the Netherlands. 

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