Friday, January 27, 2012

Bayley Hazen

Bayley Hazen Blue is a natural rinded blue cheese produced by Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont. A true farmstead cheese, using the milk from their own herd of Ayshire cows who graze intensively from late spring to early fall. It is made with whole raw milk every other day, primarily with morning milk, which is lower in
fat. Ayrshire milk is particularly well suited to the production of blue cheese because of its small fat globules, which are easily broken down during the aging process.

The paste of a Bayley Hazen is drier than most blues and the penicillium roqueforti takes a back seat to an array of flavors that hint at nuts and grasses and in the odd batch, licorice. Though drier and crumblier than most blues, its texture reminds one of chocolate and butter. It is aged between 4 and 6 months.

Bayley Hazen is named after an old military road, commissioned by General George Washington, was built to carry troops to fight the English on a Canadian front. Though no battle ever took place, the road brought Greensboro its first settlers and continues to be used.

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