Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Chaubier is a semi-firm, washed rind, French cheese made from a mixture of pasteurized cow and goat’s milk. The milk is cooked, curded then pressed, resulting in a semi-firm yet creamy textured cheese. The goat milk gives it a lower fat content, while the cow's milk retains the creamy texture and flavor. The wonderful harmony of tangy goat and creamy cows milk make this semi-firm, natural rind cheese very inviting.

Aged for six months, this tomme style cheese has a distinctive, moist orange rind and a pate that is golden yellow. The washed rind develops a slightly piquant character, nutty flavor, and rich buttery finish that is slightly aromatic. The firmer texture of this cheese allows it to melt well too. A great introduction for those hesitant to try goat cheese, i
t adds character to any cheese course.

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