Friday, January 27, 2012

Le Chevre Noir

Le Chèvre Noir is a firm ripened goat cheddar cheese aged over 12 months. It is made from milk obtained from July through December and supplied by a cooperative of about 20 producers in Chesterville, the center of Québec, Canada. The cheese is made in rectangular bricks, and then coated in two layers of black wax. Chèvre Noir is made using the same "cheddaring" technique as its cow's milk relations. Whey is partly drained and the lengths of curd are cut into blocks, stacked on each other, turned and restacked several times to release moisture and ensure all the blocks are pressed evenly. This stacking technique is unique to cheddar and creates its smooth, dense texture.

This internationally acclaimed goat milk cheddar was first introduced in 1989 and has won several awards over the years. Chèvre Noir’s black wax protects the ivory, crystalline interior. Firm, dense and flaky in texture, the paste melts in your mouth with converted lactose sugars lending hints of crunch. Due to its age, the flavours of Chèvre Noir are complex and rich, ranging from nutty to refreshingly fruity flavors with a caramel aftertaste and one of the longest lasting finishes ever.

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