Monday, April 23, 2012

Carre du Berry

Carre du Berry is a goats milk cheese from Berry, in the Loire region of France. This small square, or "carre", is fresh and zesty, partly because it is so young, ripened only about a week. A beautiful addition to any cheese plate, this chevre is lavishly covered with a blend of fresh herbs, peppercorns, and juniper berries. As the cheese ages, the herbs dry, imparting intriguing floral notes to the paste, complementing its creaminess. Although it’s not recommended to eat the floral rind, you will surely be able to taste it in the cheese. Once you bite into this naturally herbed chèvre cake you will see why so many other goat cheese manufacturers attempt to spice up their cheeses with so called herbs de provence and other additives. This is the cheese they are trying to be.

It’s very soft texture resembles that of rich, saltier cream cheese and is heavenly spread on crackers or crusty bread. Add this cheese to any platter for a stunningly woodsy accent and a beautiful flavor profile.

The goats grazing on the pastures of Berry, south of the Loire River produce exceptionally rich milk that contain all of the typical flavor components of fresh goats milk. It is creamy and rich with a tangy finish. The cheese produced is delicious with nuances of clover, herbs, pines and walnuts.

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