Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tomme de Fedou

Produced at Lozere, in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, near Hyelzas. Tomme de Fedou is a raw sheep's milk cheese whose paste becomes butter-colored, semi-firm, smooth and moist on the palate. Characteristically sweet and nutty, with aromas of grass, juniper and wildflowers, especially from cheeses produced in the summer months. Produced about 3,000ft. above sea level, on a plateau that covers about 130 square miles.

The sheep's milk is sourced from 13 herders in the area, who have formed a co-op. Farmers are paid according to the quality of the milk and, as such, if the farmers are able to provide better milk, which depends on the animals' diet and general husbandry, they receive more mone

During production, the curds are hand-ladled into forms and pressed. Cheeses are then aged for between three and six months prior to sale. The rind of the cheese is pale, gray-brown in color with a slightly pitted appearance. The paste is smooth and ivory-cream colored, close textured with occasional small holes.

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