Monday, April 16, 2012

ST. Andre

Crafted in Coutances, in the Normandy region of northwestern France, St. André is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese, covered with a satiny, edible rind. Enchanting and celebratory, inside the downy rind you'll find a rich center that boasts up to 70% butterfat. The downy white outer layer offers a complex counterpoint to the wildly rich and silky center. As dense as pure butter and with the richest of flavors, the tongue-pleasing salty tang derives from the ocean air blowing through the pasturages of the Normandy coast. Produced in the shadow of the mystical island of Mont Saint-Michel, St. André cheese is just as breathtaking as the landscape of the surrounding Cotentin Peninsula.

The triple-cream cheeses originated in the Champagne region of France and are unique in that they are made with more butterfat. As a soft ripened cheese it has a white surface mold rind that over time changes the firm, chalky curd into a very smooth paste. Because the form size is about 3 inches high, the cheese is usually sold with a firm center surrounded by a very smooth ‘halo’ of softness. 

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