Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brillat Savarin

Brillat Savarin, is a triple-crème brie made from pasteurized cow's milk enriched with cream. Luscious, creamy, it is a soft cheese of round shape with a thick, velvety, white crust that cuts like butter. Essentially the cheese equivalent of ice cream! To balance the rich, fresh cream flavor it has a subtle, light lemon tone. 

Incredible on its own or served with fruit, jam or hearty bread. Pair Brillat Savarin with Viognier, Rosé, Champagne, or a Pale Ale. The carbonation wipes the fattiness from the palate and the malts enhance the creaminess of the cheese. 

Brillat-Savarin is produced all year round in Burgundy and Normandy. The French cheesemaking company Rouzaire also produces an older Brillat Savarin under the name Pierre Robert. The extra aging time concentrates the proteins and salt in the cheese, resulting in deeper earthy flavors and more intense salty taste. Pairing Pierre Robert with red wines is difficult, as any mushroominess or "moldy" taste will bring out the tannins of the wine. 

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