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Stilton can be traced back to the early 1700's to the town of Stilton just north of London. Using methods little changed since the 17th Century, Stilton is quintessentially English, has its own Certification Trade Mark and is an EU Protected Name. This means that it can only be produced in the three Counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. It must be made from locally produced dairies, always formed into a cylindrical shape and never pressed. 

Developing a golden crust and marbled blue interior this cheese makes a striking addition to any cheese plate. Classic Blue Stilton has a rich tangy flavour, and a velvety-soft texture that makes it melt in your mouth. With a creamy background and open texture it melts and crumbles easily and is one of the few cheeses that freezes well for grating. Because Stilton is not pressed, the cheese remains crumbly and flaky, ideal for salads, pastas, and pizza. Pairs well with Port, Dry sherry, Claret, walnuts, honey, and pears.

There are only five Producers of Stilton

Cropwell Bishop Creamery is a small independent family run business with origins dating back to 1847. Based on the border of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire they hand pick the best milk suppliers in the region: small, family-run farms whose expertise, has been passed down through generations.

Colston Basset Dairy, a rural village in the heart of the English countryside has a highly skilled and dedicated team. Every day they take local cows milk from the same pastures and farms that founded the dairy as a co-operative in 1913.

Websters, nestled in the idyllic hamlet of Saxelbye, Leicestershire is a row of 17th century cottages that's home to Websters. Most of their fantastic staff have been Stilton cheese makers all their working lives. The ingredients are the best available. They know exactly where the milk comes from because you can see the cows from the front door!

Long Clawson Dairy was founded in 1911 when 12 farmers from the Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire, formed a co-operative to produce Stilton Cheese in the village of Long Clawson.

Tuxford & Tebbutt Creamery. Dates back to 1780, and is located in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.


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