Monday, October 24, 2011

Seal Bay Triple Cream

King Island Dairy Seal Bay Triple Cream is a rich and creamy cheese made with King Island milk and enriched with cream. Covered in a bloom of white mould, Seal Bay Triple Cream continues to develop during maturation, enhancing the magnificent flavour. It has a creamy golden centre and a pleasingly rich and buttery flavour without any sharp or tart finish as in other triple creams. It is named after the bay where a plentiful supply of seals was found in the 1800s, shortly after the island's discovery.

King Island's maritime history reveals a story of shipwrecks and tragedies which have all played a key part in the island's culture.

The infamous Roaring Forties gales which even today bring westerly winds of 100km per hour are said to have caused more than 60 shipwrecks along the island's treacherous coastline during the 1800s. According to legend, straw mattresses containing dried grass seeds were swept ashore from French and English shipwrecks and germinated in the rich soils, creating lush pastures.

Discovered in 1791 to be the most geographically isolated island in Bass Strait and located on 40 degrees latitude between Tasmania and the Australian mainland, King Island to this day retains its pristine environment. The 110,000 wind-swept hectares are extremely fertile, enjoying moderate temperatures and year round rainfall, making it an ideal location to support the island's beef and dairying industries. More than 9,000 cows and 80,000 head of beef graze on some of the cleanest and greenest grass in the world and produce the best quality beef and most pure and sweet milk.

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