Friday, October 21, 2011

Tomme du Berger

They say "Two brothers came up with this mixed-milk cheese recipe: one had a goat dairy in Provence and the other had sheep in Corsica. It is now produced in Sardinia, shipped to Corsica and matured in Provence.   

This cheese is a direct result of the traditional way of life of a shepherd. "Berger" is French for shepherd. The milk mixture (goat and sheep) is done daily in order to produce this Tomme and the quantity of each varies daily. That is why it is always different. An excellent cheese!

Meaty and pungent with an unequivocal sheepy finish. Hazelnut, animal, full of flavors without being strong. Enhance its sweet milkiness with a drizzle of Clover Raw Honey. Alternatively and with entirely different effect, the cheese works alongside a selection of briny olives and your favorite brown ale. Excellent with riesling or similarly sweet/malty beverages or spicy reds.

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