Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tome Fleur Verte Chevrefeuille

Fleur Verte (green flower) is a rindless soft creamy cheese covered in fresh green herbs and pink peppercorns. The scalloped edges of this large, very fresh goat tomme and the lovely combination of herbs -- mostly tarragon, savory, and thyme -- pressed into the rind make for a gorgeous appearance and a cheese that embodies spring time, any time of the year. The herbs are edible, and their refreshing green color nicely contrasts with the semi-soft alabaster-white paste. 

Creamy, smooth, mild and lemony, with notes of white pepper and the clean yet lingering taste of tarragon. Not strong or "barnyardy". Pasteurized, made in Perigord, France. The herbs and pink peppercorns do not overpower the creaminess of the cheese, it is mild, even if you bite one of the peppercorns.

The texture is sublime, thick and succulent, but with a melty mouthfeel, like the great cheeses from the Pyrenees. Goat Tomme and summery beers are a match made in heaven. Try it with a Hefeweizen or a high-octane Belgian beer like Chimay or La Chuouffe. A semi-firm, grassy goat cheese like this one always pairs well with Rosé, or with crisp, appely white wines, or even hard cider.

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